Hello World!




A little update!

So I have been working on some new riffs that are a lot more heavier than previous material you have heard from me. I have been dabbling on my 7 string Ibanez once again and listening to a more diverse genres of music styles, guitarists, and singers. It is fueling the fever again but in a different way. I’ve talked to some management companies, promotion companies, and marketing people that are only interested in taking my money rather than helping me attain the level I want so I have decided to start working on my break through disc completely funded myself or with the help of you. It will be a collection of whatever I decide to throw at it. From heavy riffs to melodic passages that create mood but still keep you interested throughout the journey. I also am putting together the final parts of my second “Great Guitar Gear Giveaway 2” so stay tuned for that announcement! I am also assembling dates and times to see me live again through creative clinics and workshops that will raise the bar all around!


It hasn’t always been easy to do what I do but I try to always find a way to do it! Ups and downs are a part of life and in my world it is the way of life but I always come through the  fog to a clear solid path. An upcoming event that I am going to take part in could make or break everything but I am confident that everything in the end will be 100% worth the time and effort I give to my music and music in general! Maybe some new faces and maybe some old but the sound and feel will be 100% Tom Martini!

Keep checking back because I may post some snippets of the new material as it develops! 


Are you still with me?