A Voice Of One: An anti bullying awareness project



  Tom Martini, an established professionally endorsed musician and concerned father created: “A Voice Of One” to bring awareness and educate a general audience about the dangers and life lasting effects of bullying and violence among children and adults. Tom’s own life has been affected by bullying and too many others as well. We all know someone who has been affected by or have been involved in bullying and it’s time that it stops! 1 in 4 people have experienced bullying. 1 in 4!

Tom, a pro musician is attempting to inform, educate, and bring together an industry designed to be heard into one very strong force against bullying. There are so many small organizations working toward this goal but also too may ways to get lost in the shuffle of what is important, help for the people who need it.   Tom is working toward bringing all of them into one centralized help network. 911 is designed for adults in time of need but what do kids have? Who is there when the system fails?  The current system in place now is broken and Tom’s project’s directive is designed to help create a new way of dealing with bullying in this country.

His message is about change for the good and protecting our children from all that is bullying and in a sense, all types of violence but can extend out to suicide, depression, and all other forms of childhood issues. His message is about education for all from children all the way to government. Laws need to be adapted for harsher penalties for offenders and educators need to be provided the  tools to identify problems from the first indication of a problem.  Tom is working to create a  help network for children that is consistent for all that are bullied to get real help from the start and before it is too late. We all see in the news of young children who do not truly understand life taking their lives due to this. New laws are being  created and steps are being taken to bring a new judicial response to offenders that offer individual and family counseling, mentoring, and harsher penalties of jail time is necessary when all other methods fail.

Tom has gotten attention from major music equipment companies, the media, and government but it takes as many people as possible to make a difference. So if you have kids or know someone who has experienced bullying please step up and become A VOICE OF ONE!!! It’s not about profits for the companies or the volunteers who have stepped up already, it’s about doing the right thing! People need to stop turning a blind eye to this rapidly growing problem because solutions are needed now before another child ends their life. Tom’s mission is to bring his message to anyone that will listen because to make a difference we all need to stand together as one.

Tom is asking for your help and solid commitment in joining him by supporting his efforts as he travels around the country, on TV, radio, and into the public eye to bring a new response to bullies everywhere.  It takes work and it takes funding to do all that is involved so however you or someone you may know can help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and we hope to have you on board for an even bigger fight than any bully could ever have imagined.


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