With over 20 years in the industry, I can help you from learning to play guitar to getting that perfect endorsement*!

So you want to play guitar huh?


I will be offering lessons from beginner** and up! I love technique and speed so if this is what you want to learn then you came to the right place! I soon will offer Skype one on one lessons to anyone in the world!  By email!  In person when available. Whether you have never played the guitar before or if you are a seasoned musician touring the world , there is always something to learn! Me included!


So keep checking back for details on how you can get lessons from me!


Limited slots available.



Additional services for Artists:



  • Gear help
  • Studio help and direction
  • Live help and direction
  • Industry connections
  • Endorsements
  • One on one mentoring

For hire situations!

Ibanez Promo
Ibanez Promo

Labels and industry:

I am available for one on one mentoring for your label roster artst!

Recording Session work:  recording!

Touring: fill-in, replacement or hired gun!

Signed or Unsigned Artist mentoring!

Song writing services for your artist!

*Tom does not guarantee endorsements. He offers the steps necessary to get to the brands you are interested in.

**Lessons from ages 8 and up.

**Tom does not provide an instrument to learn on but will direct for student based on interest, budget, and talent.