Miss me yet?

Trying to surpress an animal is not the thing to do as they come at you like a tornado on steroids!!!! So after a long time down and tucked away, I am finally working again on new guitar stuff, planning to be at some very cool events, arranging workshops, clinics, and contests, and even performed at a church recently! ? Huh? Yeah and the church is still standing, lol! But really, I have spent about a year away from the live thing and am eager to get back to what I love! PLAYING and making music fans alike rock their asses off! I have met a ton of people and they all have asked me when I will be playing again……..I got a standing ovation at a church after kind of guest appearing on a song they asked me to do with them and it was surreal……and I just fucking miss it all!!!


So after along time thinking about it.
In November I will be in Oaks Pa (Philadelphia) for the BEE-3 Vintage Guitar Show! Come check out some new material from me at the Sonic Fusion booth! I hope to be back at Guitar Center for the Red Carpet event again in Allentown, Pa! Then in Jan it’s hopefully back to the NAMM show! I am in the planning stages but it looks like I will be trekking across the country to the 2015 NAMM show as well as setting a path to either destruction or triumph!! ¬†Got a buch of new ideas that were scrapped for a while but I dusted them off, polished the guitars, turned up the monitors and I feel the time is right to do it all again!


Then……….drum roll please……..or in guitarland…..speed picking please…………..some new material from me that will blow your fucking head off!!!!!! Liked Distorted Voices? Visions? No Rules? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Wanna hear new stuff? Make it out to the events that will soon grace my schedule/tour page and come out and rock with me! Hey Gene, ROCK AND ROLL ISN’T DEAD!!!!!!! It’s just so loud, it’s deaf’ning!!!!


I got the fever back! I got the blood pumping again! I am getting ready to blow you all away!


See ya soon!

Tom \m/