Welcome Summer 2015!


I thought it was time to give you a little update on what’s up! 

as you may have noticed, I have been very quiet this past year! Well it’s because I decided to take a little break and gather my thoughts as an artist again. I spent this past year writing all new material and really diving into what makes me tick. I decided to give everyone a little teaser and the response blew me away! So I then thought it was time to release a new track called Silent #7 which to my surprise was received very well. I little more melodic but ends with a fury of tapping. 

I also have been scouring the internet looking for inspiration to bring to the next collection of songs that I wanted the world to hear from me. I am now in the studio tracking what I think will be my breakout material. A bunch of surprises and an all or nothing attitude. 

Here’s a review I received recently from Mach 1 Entertainment!

“Starting out the mix on the track (Visions) sounds solid. Nice separation between all your elements and everything sounds crisp, clear and wide. There is some strong musicianship on the track with some great solo elements. The arrangement has some good breaks to keep things pushing along without being too repetitive. The guitar work is exceptional and the melodies are great. I like the soft change towards the middle of the track to give even more dimension to the track. Things build up again nicely after that to add more energy. Great piece of music all the way through….Chris Heinz VP Mach 1 Entertainment” 

I thought this was awesome as it was also unexpected. 


So as things progress I am going to start uploading some vids from the studio or where ever I decided to record them from. I am also accumulating footage for a music video to be released at a later time so for now sit tight. Check out my previous tunes and also check out my new instrumental Silent 7! I can’t wait til you hear my finished project! In the works is also a few chances to hear and see me live! So everything is shaping up and soon you all get to hear and experience it all!!!