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  • A note from Tom



    First I wanted to say thank you to everyone that comes here and follows me. It has been a tough few years full of ups and downs. In case you haven’t heard, I have decided to end “Distorted Voices” and it is a decision that has been the toughest thing I have had to do. While close to my heart it has allowed me to step into the professional level of the music industry. I have met many incredible people, been supported by the top brands, and have met the most incredible people and stars along the way!  Though the music has been good to me it (as far as I’m concerned) has also been the toughest thing I have ever tried to do with many false promises from people that think that music is about radio plays, manufactured products, and no pay. Every cent has come out of my own pocket and I have spent a lot of cents along the way with little or no return but worth everything I have spent.  I believe that music is a creativity that only comes from those willing to go to the ends of the Earth no matter what to become something that others could never be. What I want out of music is the chance to explore what I am, how I communicate with others, and have fun doing it all…………that is not the case in this industry. It is about some other person’s opinion of what you are supposed to be and if they don’t think you are then you are on your own…..those that know me know that is NOT me! I write because I have to express my life’s experiences and hope that others can relate, bang his or her heand and scream having the time of their lives. So I decided to stop trying to make a band work that I felt wasn’t ever going to work.  So it was time to pull the plug on DV the band…


    I also wanted to mention something about my anti-bullying project A Voice Of One. After an extensive year of expensive phone calls, false promises, and out and out lies my project will probably never see the light of day. I spent a year of proposals, presentations, calls, videos, begging and everyone except for one who has always supported my efforts by proving they wanted to make a difference came through. Thank you to Bill and Morley Pedals. It takes millions of dollars to support a real career in music and it takes funding to make any change a reality….something that I do not have the means to attract, obviously or I wouln’t be writing this. It is a tough pill to swallow really because there are kids across the country that need help before they become a statistic…….sad and disappointing that the people aong the way that were all ready to help me were the same people that did not return contact when it s time to make good on empty promises. Am I done trying, well for now I have to take a step back but going forward may prove otherwise.


    On with the show, right? Well music is in my blood and I’m sure it’s not over but it’s def time for change in every way in my life. The band is no more but that doesn’t mean another direction or incarnation of DV won’t surface. The fun in creating something special is what I am working on. New attitude, new direction, and new blood. I have been putting new material together as a solo artist for years and maybe it is time to let it go and I’m taking my time this time so when or if I ever decide to release the material I’ll know it is exactly 100% what I want to present to the world. So as far as right now, it is time to reflect on what was, what could have been , and what is to come in a whole new light…………


    To all that have shared my life of music, thank you. To all that have been a part of it all, thank you, and to all that will continue to want more from me, my music, and what I do………..A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!

    Someone told me a long time ago to never say Good-Bye but instead say “So long” because Good-bye is forever…….


    So…………….So long……………



  • Winter 2014 news!

    Hey all! I have been and will be busy writing and recording all new instrumental material. For the past few years I have been working with my band so much that I got away from what I set out to do. I have been and creating and storing a bunch of heavy riffs on my hard drive and have finally decided to take it seriously enough to record them and release them as a solo instrumental Cd. I passed on the  NAMM show this winter to spend time tracking demos but this summer I have plans to be at summer NAMM to play some of the new material! So stay tuned! Going back to basics in many ways!!!  I’ve even been experimenting with writing for movies, TV, and recording video demos for brands! Busy, busy, busy!


    Guitar Clinics are in the works as is other things that I can’t quite talk about yet! So stay tuned for even more stuff like the “Great Guitar Gear Giveaway 2″ !!!

    Thanks for following me!