• Musician search announcement!!!

    Tom is searching for pro level players:




    Vocals (male or female)

    Rhythm electric guitar/ Key player (no acoustic players)







    Must be at least 21 Male or Female

    Have touring quality equipment

    Professional attitude: no drugs!

    Must be be able to pick up material quickly and accurately

    Able to travel anywhere on short notice: must have passport or ability to get it

    Endorsements/Sponsorship a plus but not necessary

    Live experience touring experience a plus



    Please fill out form below! If you fit what we are looking for you will be contacted! Please do not contact us after submitting the form below!  If we need any additional info or would like to set up an audition you will be contacted. Good luck!

  • Bark At The Moon cover!

    So here’s a little something fun for ya’s as it was for me! As you know I am a huge Jake e Lee fan and since he is back out playing with his new band Red Dragon Cartel I thought it would be fun to do a cover, yes a COVER of one of my favorite songs of all time! I found some backing tracks without guitar and decided to give it my own spin so hopefully you’ll like it!!! I tried to combine what he did on the recordings as well as how he played it live! I also added a little of me in there….don’t hate! :)

    If you get the chance to check out Jake’s new band Red Dragon Cartel (http://reddragoncartel NULL.com/) go because this guy is an amazing player!!


    Bark At The Moon (http://www NULL.reverbnation NULL.com/distortedvoices/song/22387276-bark-at-the-moon-cover)- cover : (Tom Martini all guitars) Backing tracks Ozzy Osbourne


    Original song “Bark At The Moon copyright Osbourne music..all rights reserved.

  • No Rules

    There are no rules in life! No matter who you work for! No matter who you deal with! The world is filled with rules in school, work, life! When it comes to music there should be no rules and this video is dedicated to everyone who believes music is a free medium of expression and passion! No it’s not professionally filmed and no it’s not music school playing but this is all passion, dedication, and true belief in musicianship and going forward! Check it out and follow me! Enjoy! ….